Which TEFList is Portable?

Chris Ozog PhotoMy name is Chris Ożóg and I’m a freelance teacher, teacher training consultant, training materials developer and Delta/CELTA Tutor/Assessor.  I’ve worked in nine countries around the world as both a teacher and trainer, and really enjoy what I do.  I currently edit the International House Journal, have written training material for IHWO, and spoken at international conferences such as IATEFL and the IH DoS conference, as well as recording some webinars you can probably find online somewhere. I also keep this blog, which gets more and more occasional as the years go on, and work online for Distance Delta and The Bell Delta, as well as for IH’s Online Teacher Training Institute. It all keeps me busy.

This blog is simply a collection of my thoughts on various aspects of ELT, language learning and teacher training/development as they come to me. Some of it will be practical, some theoretical, and it’ll be semi regular. It does not represent anyone’s views but my own (and even then, does it really?).

I hope you find something interesting or useful and thanks for visiting!


7 thoughts on “Which TEFList is Portable?

  1. Nick

    Hello Chris. What are your thoughts on the link, if any, between Dogme and TBL?
    Also, have you had any experience with using a Dogme approach in EAP?

  2. Manisha Dak

    Hey Chris

    Came across your blog by chance and absolutely loved it 🙂 🙂 Your writing style is very engaging.
    To give you a brief introduction about me- I am doing my DELTA at the moment and I work as a teacher trainer with the British Council, India. I also work as an examiner for CESOL- YLE and Main Suite.

    Until next, happy writing

    1. Chris Ożóg

      Hi Manisha,

      Thanks for visiting the blog and for taking the time to comment. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed reading it! Good luck with your Delta (but don’t work too hard!).


  3. Hi Chris,

    I came here following the suggested blogs for my task in IHTTC and it did not take long to realise that you’re one of my TUTORs. I was just planning to scan through your blog posts, but could not help but read every single word. You have remarkable writing style! I simply loved your TEFLstory…

    1. Chris Ożóg

      Thanks for your generous comments, Krishna. I’m not really sure why my blog is part of the task you’re doing, but whoever wrote that module of the course must’ve put it there. Glad you’ve enjoyed reading some posts. Maybe you should be blogging yourself?

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