Listen – the Gist is in the Detail IH Webinar

Here’s my third blog post in the last 12 months. I really do churn them out, here at the blogging factory. But I digress. Below is the video for the IH Live Online Workshop I did in December on looking at decoding, as well as comprehension, in listening lessons. The webinar goes over some background to what is involved in listening itself and then looks at some minimal preparation listening activities to work on decoding in class. The slides are below the video. Hope you find it useful.


5 thoughts on “Listen – the Gist is in the Detail IH Webinar

  1. Smita

    Hi Chris. Just discovered your blog on Highly recommended ELT blogs and was so happy. I don’t know if you remember me, but you were my tutor in December during my CELTA. I have lots of fond memories of those days. 🙂
    Am gonna use the tips for listening while creating my lesson plans.

    1. Chris Ożóg

      It’s quite an eye (ear?) opening video, right? I’d say all listening teachers should watch it and reflect, particularly if they are monolingual native speakers, as it really does help put you in the learners’ shoes.

      1. caraleopold

        Definitely. I’ve almost completely forgotten what it’s like to not understand a foreign language and it’s great to be able to get inside the learners’ ears (I guess).

  2. Dang, wish I’d come across this a year ago! It’s actually quite tough finding practical teaching advice on decoding skills focus hey? It became a bit of an obsession of mine, and me and a colleague delivered a couple of INSETTs on it in my old job but found it very tricky to pitch it right, I’ll confess I haven’t watched the whole video yet (looked at the slides) but will do when I get a moment. There really needs to be more out there on decoding skills, process and diagnostic listening.

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